Specialist FM Service Provider of the Year


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The award recognises the most outstanding specialist facilities management service provider in Ireland over the past 12 months. Examples of service providers that may enter include, but are not limited to, those involved in Catering, Security, Vehicle Hiring, Building Maintenance, Landscaping, Waste Management or Mechanical & Electrical services.

If you are a cleaning service provider, then please enter our Cleaning Service Provider of the Year awards.

Entry is by a 5-page A4 PDF submission; the judges will be looking for clear information backed up by facts that pays particular attention to the criteria listed below.

  • Organisation background: Please provide a brief description of the organisation such as the service provided, when it was established, number of employees and key skills within your team. Please also provide an indication of your turnover over the past three years, and how your staffing levels have evolved.
  • Highlights: Explain why the last twelve months have been so good for your organisation. What has been the real stand-out highlight?
  • Key Projects & Initiatives: Please provide a brief description of significant projects or initiatives that have been undertaken over the past 12 months, indicating exactly what you did, budgets, timelines and why you feel the end result was so exceptional.
  • Innovation: Please include details of any unique efforts or processes that have been employed, demonstrating the degree of innovation and benefit to the client.
  • Customer Satisfaction: How has your organisation promoted excellence in customer service and support? Describe how you have reached beyond what was expected to provide the best service to your clients and boosted their own success.
  • Please include any other statements or facts that support your entry, including testimonials from satisfied clients where possible.

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